This Is How To Deal With The Blurry Car Glass

Auto glass is one important component in a car. Of course, the condition of the glass is very important, if your windshield is scratched, opaque, moldy, and so on it will certainly disturb your vision going forward. In addition, poor glass conditions will certainly disturb your car’s appearance. When it happens, perhaps it will be a good idea for you to bring your car to the best company of auto glass near me.

Your car glass must have experienced blurry and fuzzy conditions. This is due to the dust that adheres to the glass and cannot disappear even if you have wiped it with a wiper. In addition, raindrops are one of the reasons why windshield can be opaque and blurred. Of course, this condition will be very disturbing, especially if it occurs on the windshield of your car that can interfere with foresight. Well, here are the steps to clean the windshield that is opaque because of rainwater:

You can do the glass cleaner when traveling or on a trip and it rains suddenly. Position your car in a shady place so as not to get wet when cleaning the windshield.

Prepare ingredients such as toothpaste, why? This is because toothpaste can wipe the dust that is on the glass. The content in toothpaste is abrasive so it can make the crust and dirt that sticks to the glass swept clean.

Do the cleaning when going out when it rains, or when the trip is going on suddenly it rains, then please stop for a moment in the shade so as not to get wet when cleaning the windshield.

Wet your windshield with clean water then place a few toothpaste bottles on your windshield.

Rub gently using a clean cloth. Use a little pressure and rub evenly on the faded glass of the car.

After the windshield starts to clean, you can water it using clean water.

Clean all the remnants of toothpaste that is still attached to the glass.

Then wipe dry with a clean soft cloth.

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