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A Clean Kitchen Allow You To Use Your Kitchen Appliance Happily

A sleek kitchen certainly makes cooking so exciting right. So if you finish cooking, don’t forget to clean again. I think it’s troublesome, but if you do it right, it’s not very difficult. It’s necessary so your Thermador Microwave Accessories and other cooking utensils can look neat and hygienic.

Before cleaning up the kitchen after cooking, of course, the remaining ingredients and spices after cooking are immediately stored in a safe place so that tomorrow you want to use them again easy to find them. It’s a good idea to leave the remaining ingredients you put in the refrigerator. Don’t forget to put the food ingredients in different places. For example, fish and meat are stored in the freezer, while vegetables in special vegetable storage.

After all the food remains neatly stored, immediately soak the dirty containers ranging from pots, pans, to plates and bowls, with hot water. Put special dishwashing soap in the marinade. Soaking hot water with soap can make dishes that stick quickly off. Allow a few minutes before you wash and rinse thoroughly.