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Overcoming Beard Dandruff

Dandruff is the skin problem that is most often complained of. Not only on the scalp, but dandruff can also appear on beards. White flakes and itchy beards on this must make you very disturbed and inferior. So, how should you overcome it? You can visit our website to get the best beard dandruff treatment.

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Almost everyone has the fungus Malassezia Globosa on their skin. This fungus is usually around the skin which has many sebaceous glands (oil glands), such as the scalp and face. The main task of this fungus is to break down the sebum (oil) produced by the sebaceous glands and thus stimulate the replacement of new skin cells. Normally, the skin cell turnover cycle takes about 30 days. Unfortunately, an unbalanced amount of fungus can cause skin cell regeneration to be faster, accumulate, and cause dandruff. Well, beard dandruff is not like dandruff on the scalp because peeling skin is usually less.

Overcoming beard dandruff means lifting dead skin cells around the chin and controlling extra oil. Actions that are generally done are cleaning, moisturizing, and exfoliation on a regular basis. To be clearer, consider the explanation to clean dandruff in the following beard.

1. Cut your beard
The easiest way to deal with dandruff on a beard is to shave a beard. This helps you simplify the care of your chin skin. If you still want to keep the beard, just tidy it up so it’s easier to clean.

2. Exfoliate
Exfoliation is a technique to speed up the exfoliation of dead skin cells. Besides being applied to the face, this technique can also be a treatment for beard dandruff. The trick, prepare a scrub for exfoliation and a special brush for a soft beard. In addition to removing dead skin that has accumulated, using a beard brush also helps control the oil on the chin. Wear and apply scrub to your beard. Then, smooth it with a brush and massage gently. Remember not to rub the brush too hard on the chin so as not to worsen dandruff. Then, clean the beard with running water.