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There Are Some Ways To Detect Some Damage On Your Car Clutch Early

The problem that may often be felt by manual transmission cars is in the clutch. This section is the most important component in a manual transmission car because it has a function as a distributor of power to the car engine so that it can function properly so that your car can be driven smoothly. Of course, if these components experience problems, the car will be vulnerable to damage and the worst risk is experiencing engine down condition and you must replace several important components of the engine that is damaged. Aside from that, if your car is broken and you can’t drive it to attend a special event, we recommend you to visit luxuryprestigecarhire.com and hire the best luxurious car that suits your style and needs.

Here are tips for detecting damage to the car clutch early:

The clutch is Hard to Use

The first symptom most often felt when the clutch has begun to break is when you need to press the clutch pedal as deep as usual to be able to move the transmission. In addition, the transmission also feels hard when you want to be moved and this is a sign that the clutch in your car needs repair.

Reduced Engine Power

The next symptom is the power that is felt when the power from a particular transmission is not as it should be, for example when you use transmission 3 and move to transmission 4 but you do not get the power in accordance with the expected transmission. It could even be that the resulting speed is the same or even decreased than it should.

A strange noise is heard in the clutch

Another symptom that you can experience if your car starts to experience damage in the clutch is when you move the transmission, an unusual sound appears on your car. The sound comes from your car’s clutch bearing, where it starts to dry out and requires lubrication. The fix is also quite simple, add a special lubricant in the bearing and the sound will disappear. If you still hear a noise, take your car to a car repair shop to fix it.