Physical And Psychological Effect of Substance Abuse

Addiction to alcohol or drugs will make the user having a hard time stopping them from taking certain substance because it is a complicated illness that needs specific care from a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. The type of behavior or substance determines the complication of an addiction for each substance affects a certain part of the body. For example, injecting heroin can damage the skin and muscle at the point where the needle is a stick or the damage of nasal cartilage from snorting cocaine. While being intoxicated by certain substances the risk of injury will also higher for there are 28% of cases of traffic accident related to drug and alcohol influence. Not only that, because certain substances could trigger violent reaction that often results in injury for the perpetrator or the victim. Mixing substances often end up in fatal risks like overdose that leads to coma and death.

Drugs and alcohol are a chemical substance that of course will affect our body from inside and out. Abusing certain substance leads to higher blood pressure that causes the heart to work harder and make our body prone to heart attack, stroke or death. The blood that ‘polluted’ by the substances will also fail their function of carrying oxygen to the brain caused brain damage. A damaged brain will lead to malnutrition, loss of hygiene and control over the body. Pregnant women that taking substances will not only harm her body but might also kill the fetus. Anxiety, depression, loneliness, and even suicide are the psychological effect that occurs involving substance abuse. It is true that mental illness and addiction often walk hand in hand and if you abuse the substance to treat your mental illness than it will only make the situation worse. That is why a great treatment from the professionals in a treatment center is needed whenever an addiction problem is present.

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