How to Harvest and Extract Honey

The most awaited time for the beekeepers is honey harvesting. Honey extraction is far easier to try and do once the honey remains in its warm state from the beehive as a result, it flows a lot of freely. The following procedure makes it simple for you to extract honey from the combs once using the Best Honey Extractors. You also need to be careful when extracting honey because the honeycombs and the bee are delicate you do not want to harm them.

You will take away every frame of the capped honey one by one and use a bee brush to softly remove any bee could be on the frame, watch out to not hurt them or stepped on them. Use a hot knife, or a hot air gun to take away the caps of the wax cells. You will then place the frames vertically into the drum of the extractor, within the metal holdings. Once the frames are in their right positions within the extractor, you’ll be able to then activate the device if it’s an electrical extractor, or begin spinning it along with your hands if it’s a manual one. as the frames are spun observe that the speed is nice because extreme centrifugal force sometimes spoils the fragile wax comb. you’ll be able to spin the frames in one direction for up to 6 minutes, then reserve the direction of spinning. In another 6 minutes the combs ought to be empty and also the frames returned.
As the method continues the drum of the extractor can get stuffed with honey thus it’ll be higher to open the gate valve at the bottom half to unleash the honey. once the drum is full of honey it makes spinning of the frames cumbersome. You can use a bucket to faucet the honey from the honey extractor drum. You’ll be able to then fill any jars that you simply might have ready to keep your harvested honey in.

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